Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TECH TIP: Email Best Practices - LinkedIn “Invitation to Connect” Malware

The following tech tip is provided by Patrick Cabral, Systems Engineer at Afinety.  Patrick is also one of our trainers.

Virus-laden attachments and links to malware infected sites have been a long standing risk for email users.  For those who use LinkedIn, fake emails can be sent with a Connect request.  When the recipient clicks on the ‘Connect’ link, they are redirected to another site and malware is installed onto the computer.

The best practice for dealing with LinkedIn requests delete the email request that you received and log into your LinkedIn account to accept the Connect requests.

For further information concerning fraudulent email and LinkedIn, please refer to the LinkedIn Help Center:

Email Attachments/Links Best Practices Reminder:

Never open attachments or click on links in emails from people that you do not know.

Be suspicious of attachments or links from people that you do know if you weren’t expecting the attachment or link.

If you are suspicious of any email, contact your administrator who can escalate your question to Afinety.

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